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1. The bairn that is born on fair Sunday Is bonny and loving, and blithe and gay. Monday's bairn is fair in the face, Tuesday's bairn is full of grace, Wednesday's bairn is loving and ...

7. If a child cries during baptism, it is the devil going out of it. Niagara Falls, Ont. 8. It is lucky for the child to cry at baptism, but unlucky for the godmother to wear mourning. 9. If twins ar...

10. An open hand in a baby is a sign of a generous disposition, but a habit of closing the fingers indicates avarice, or, as we say, closefistedness. Cambridge, Mass. 11. If a child favors its father, ...

Introduction To The World
17. Take the baby first into the sunlight on Sunday. Put it into short clothes and make all changes on that day. 18. To make a child rise in the world, carry it upstairs (or to the attic) first. Miffli...

First Actions
41. If a child cries at birth and lifts up one hand, he is born to command. 42. If the baby smiles in its sleep, it is talking with angels. 43. If a baby yawns, the sign of the cross should be made over it that...