Aladdin was the only son of a poor widow who lived in China; but instead of helping his mother to earn their living, he let her do all the hard work, while he himself only thought of idling and amusement. One day, as he was playing in th... Read more of Aladdin And The Wonderful Lamp at Children Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational






Wind And Storm
1050. A broom falling across the doorway, or chairs set crosswise, is the sign of a storm. Stratham, N.H. 1051. If a cloud and wind are coming, the wind will last. Trinity Bay, N.F. 1052. ...

1080. Repeat, looking at the new moon the first time you see it,-- New moon, true moon, tell unto, me Who my true love is to be; The color of his hair, the clothes he is to wear, And when...

1094. The moon seen over the right shoulder brings good luck; over the left shoulder, ill luck. General in the United States. 1095. If you should see the moon over your left shoulder, and should withou...

1110. Some say you can see the man's axe and dog in the moon. New Brunswick. 1111. If the moon shines in your face as you lie in the bed at night, you'll die inside of a year. Central Maine. ...