A powerful and wealthy king, having lost his wife, was so inconsolable, that he shut himself up for eight entire days, in a little cabinet, where he spent his time in knocking his head against the wall, until the courtiers were afraid he woul... Read more of The Blue Bird at Children Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational






Wax And Wane
1114. Set out cabbages in the new of the moon to make them head up well, and gather apples in the new of the moon to make them keep well. Plant potatoes in the old of the moon. Mitchell Co., N.C. 1115....

Domestic And Mechanical Operations
1141. To make good bread, stir it with the sun. To make good yeast, make it as near sunrise as possible. Northern Ohio. 1142. If you wish to secure lightness, you must always stir cake and eggs a certa...