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Bodily Affections

Category: Miscellaneous

1340. If the right cheek burns, some one is speaking well of you; if the
left, they are speaking ill of you; if both, they speak well and ill at
once. Moisten the finger in the mouth and touch it to the cheek, naming
those whom you suspect; the one at whose name it grows cool was speaking
of you.
New Brunswick.

1341. If your right ear burns, some one is talking well of you; if your
left, he is talking ill.
General in the United States.

1342. If you bite the corner of your apron, you will make back-biters
bite their tongues.

1343. Pinch your ear, and the person talking of you will bite his own

1344. If the right ear burns, it is a sign that some one is thinking well
of you; if the left ear burns, it is a sign that some one is thinking
unkindly of you; but if both ears burn, friend and foe are fighting about

1345. If your ears burn, people are talking well of you; if your ears are
cold, the contrary.
New Hampshire.

1346. If your right ear burns, a lady is speaking of you; if the left, a
Maine and Pennsylvania.

1347. If your left ear itches, some one is saying unpleasant things about
you; but if your right ear, pleasant things. Some say,--

Both left and right
Are good at night.
Cambridge, Mass.

1348. If the right eye itches, it is a sign you will cry; if the left,
you will laugh, because R stands for roar and L for laugh.
Baldwinsville, N.Y.

1349. If the right eye itches, you'll laugh; if the left eye, you'll cry.
Boston, Mass.

1350. If your eye itches, some one wants to see you and can't.
Peabody, Mass.

1351. If you look at one who has inflamed eyes, you'll catch the disease.
Maine and Ohio.

1352. If your elbow itches, you will sleep with a stranger.
Boston, Mass.

1353. If the right foot itches, it is a sign you will go where you will
be welcome; if the left foot itches, it is a sign you will go where you
are unwelcome.
Baldwinsville, N.Y.

1354. If while going to see any one your left foot itches, you are not

1355. The nose itching is a sign you are going to get mad.
Peabody, Mass.

1356. If your nose itches, it is a sign of a present.

1357. If your nose itches, some one will be provoked with you.

1358. If your nose itches, it is a sign that

You'll be mad,
See a stranger,
Kiss a fool,
Or be in danger.
Prince Edward Island.

1359. If your nose itches, you will

See a stranger,
Kiss a fool,
Or be in danger.
Peabody, Mass.

1360. If your nose itches, it is a sign you will be kissed, cussed, or
Somerville, Mass.

1361. If the nose itches, some say you will receive a letter; others
declare it is a sign your lover is thinking of you.
Baldwinsville, N.Y.

1362. If the palm of the hand itches, it is a good sign that you will
kill something.

1363. Itching in the palm is a sign of a fight, or of seeing a stranger.

1364. An unexpected scratch denotes surprise.

1365. A long scratch across the palm denotes a sleigh-ride.
Pennsylvania (negro).

1366. A scratch on the hand denotes a ride; the length of the scratch
indicates the length of the ride.
New England.

1367. A scratch on the right hand is a sign of a ride to come; on the
left, a disappointment.
Baldwinsville, N.Y.

1368. If your knee itches, you are jealous.
Boston, Mass.

1369. Being lousy is an indication that the lousy person is in good

1370. Some hold that the white spots that one has on the finger-nails
represent the lies you have told.
Maine and Baldwinsville, N.Y.

1371. If you shudder without apparent cause, some one has stepped over or
upon your grave.
Gilsum, N.H.

1372. If you shudder, it is a sign that a rabbit is running across, or a
goose is eating grass from your grave.
Chestertown, Md.

1373. There is an old superstition that every sigh causes a drop of blood
to flaw from the heart.
Exeter, N.H.

1374. Smooches made on the face by soiled fingers (called beauty spots
in Ohio) mean a present.
New Brunswick.

1375. A lump on the tongue means that you have told a lie.
Prince Edward Island, New York, and Northern Ohio.

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