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Category: Warts

872. Blood from the warts on a cow's bag coming in contact with a
person's hands will cause warts to appear on them.
New Hampshire.

873. Blood from a wart, especially if applied to the tongue, will cause
warts to appear.
New Jersey.

874. To count another person's warts will cause them to appear on you.
General in the United States.

875. If one counts stars while lying on his back, he will have as many
warts as he has counted stars.
New York and Trenton, N.J.

876. To drink the water in which eggs have been boiled will cause
internal warts.
Miramichi, N.B.

877. Washing the hands in water in which eggs have been boiled causes
warts to grow.
Cape Breton and Eastern Massachusetts.

878. Warts are caused by touching the white of an egg.
Salem, Mass.

879. To touch the jelly-fish will cause warts.
Halifax, N.S., and parts of Eastern New England.

880. Touching the excrescences that sometimes appear on trees will cause
warts on the hand of the person who touches them.
New England.

881. The handling of large species of toadstool, sometimes popularly
called wart-toadstool, will cause warts to grow on the part of the hand
coming in contact with it.
New Hampshire.

882. The handling of a toad will cause warts to appear.
General in the United States.

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