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To stump another boy to do a thing is considered as putting a certain
obligation on him to perform the action indicated. The phrase is
sometimes used, although the person giving the stump may not himself be
able to accomplish the feat.

74. We used to dare or stump one another to eat green chuckcherries.
Brookline, Mass.

75. Daring or stumping is or has been common among children generally.
Sometimes it is to jump a certain distance; sometimes to skate out on
thin ice; again, to touch something very hot. Once in Ohio several lads
were collected together about a spring. One of them drew a pail of fresh
water and by chance brought up a small live fish. One of the boys
stumped his companions to eat the fish alive, without dressing or
cooking. The boys took the stump, one quickly cut up the unfortunate
little animal and each boy swallowed a bit. Often the dare is to eat some
very untoothsome morsel.

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