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199. Count sixty white horses and one white mule, then you will marry the
first man with whom you shake hands.
Chestertown, Md.

200. Count a hundred white horses and two white mules, and the first
person you shake hands with you'll marry.

201. Count a hundred white horses during leap year. The first man that
shakes hands with you after you have your hundred will be your future
Bedford, Mass.

202. Count one hundred gray horses (one mule stands for ten horses), and
the first gentleman with whom you shake hands is your intended.

203. After meeting ninety-nine white horses and a brown one for the
hundredth, the first person with whom you shake hands will be your future
Newport, R.I.

204. Count five hundred colored people, and the next gentleman you meet
you will marry.
Cambridge, Mass.

205. Count ninety-nine negroes and one white horse, and the first boy you
answer yes or no to you will marry.
South Boston, Mass.

206. Count forty white horses, the first man you meet afterwards you'll
Champaign, Ill.

207. In crossing a bridge, if one sees two white horses on it (in
different teams) and wishes at once for a man to marry her, she'll get
Peabody, Mass.

208. Count a hundred tips (a bow with the lifting of the hat). The
hundredth will be your future husband.
Eastern Massachusetts.

209. Count the buttons of an old boot. The number of buttons indicates
the number of years before marriage.

210. If you count the boards of the ceiling (loft) in a strange room
before going to sleep, you will dream of your lover.

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