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936. The first Tuesday after the new moon settles the weather for that

937. If it is a fair sunset Friday night, it will rain before Monday.

938. If it storms on a Friday, it will storm again before the next Monday.
Massachusetts and New York.

939. If the sun sets clear Friday night, it will not rain before Monday
night; but if it sets in a cloud, it will rain before Monday night.
Boston, Mass.

940. The weather of the last Friday in the month governs the next month.
Cambridge, Mass.

941. There will be sun during some part of Saturday the year through.
Brookline, Mass.

942. If it rains the last Saturday or the first Sunday in a month, it
will rain the three following Sundays.

943. The sun shines some part of every Saturday in the year but one.
New England.

944. Saturday's moon comes seven years too soon, and denotes bad weather.

945. Sunday's sail
Will never fail.
Topsail Bay, N.F.

946. Weather is apt to repeat itself in the following week, i.e., there
will be a run of wet Sundays or fine Tuesdays, etc.
Brookline, Mass.

947. The first seven days of January indicate the first seven months of
the year. Mild days, mild months, etc.
Nova Scotia.

948. If March comes in like a lamb, it goes out like a lion, and vice
General in the United States.

949. The corn is planted when the Baltimore orioles appear, or when the
first green is noticed on the oak-trees.
Milton, Mass.

950. A dry May and a wet June
Make the farmer whistle a merry tune.
Franklin Centre, R.I.

951. It rains often on July fourth. That is due to the firing of cannon,
General in the United States.

952. If there is a wet September, there will be a next summer's drouth;
no crops and famine.

953. If it rains on Easter, it will rain seven Sundays thereafter.
Hennepin, Ill.

954. A green Christmas makes a full churchyard, or
A green Christmas makes a fat graveyard.
General in the United States.

955. The twelve days at Christmas govern the weather of the months of the
coming year.
Eastern Massachusetts.

956. The twelve days at Christmas time make the almanac for the year.

957. It is a general notion that a cold winter is followed by a hot
summer, and vice versa.

958. It always rains while the Cadets are in camp.
Eastern Massachusetts.

959. It always rains during May meetin's.
Boston, Mass.

960. It always rains during a cattle-show.
Deerfield, Mass.

961. Women cruising, i.e., visiting about on pot-days, especially
Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, when people have their best dinner
(usually pork and cabbage) in the pot, is a sign of bad weather. But it
is also said that it is a sign of mild weather.
Newfoundland and Labrador.

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