345. Marry in Lent, Live to repent. New York. 346. The day after a wedding is called the bride's day, the next day the groom's day; the condition of the weather on these days will indicate whether their lives are to be... Read more of Lucky Days at Superstitions.caInformational Site Network Informational






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622. If you put on any garment wrong side out, as, for example, a pair of
stockings, never change it, as to do so brings ill luck. This direction
is intuitively followed by many people who are entirely free from
conscious superstition.
General in the United States.

623. If you put a garment on wrong side out, you mustn't speak of it, or
you will have bad luck.

624. If you put a garment on wrong side out, or a hat on wrong end
before, spit on it before turning, to prevent bad luck.
Maine and Ohio.

625. If a garment is put on wrong side out, it is lucky, but unlucky to
turn it.
Prince Edward Island and Massachusetts.

626. To clothe the left foot before the right one is a sign of misfortune.

627. If you button up your dress wrong, i.e., do not begin with the
button and button-hole opposite each other, it means bad luck, or good
luck if worn uneven until after sunset.
Cape Breton.

628. The putting of the left shoe on the right foot, lacing it wrong, or
losing a button, are all bad signs.

629. Walking across the room with one shoe off is a sign of ill luck.

630. When putting on your shoes and stockings, if you complete dressing
one foot before beginning to dress the other, it is a sign you will be
Northern Ohio.

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