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Fair Or Foul

Category: Weather

962. Of a change:--

Long looked for
Long last,
Short notice,
Soon past.
Brookline, Mass.

963. From twelve till two
Tells what the day will do.
New England.

964. If it rains before seven
It will drip before eleven.
Eastern Maine.

965. If it rain before seven
It will quit before eleven.
Prince Edward Island and, Maine, Massachusetts, and Northern

966. If a storm clears off in the night, pleasant weather will last but a
few hours.
Northern Ohio.

967. In uncertain or threatening weather it is said that if you can see a
piece of blue sky big enough to make a pair of breeches, it will clear
Maine, Massachusetts, and Northern Ohio.

968. Variant: If you can see enough blue sky in the west to make an old
woman's apron, it will clear off.
Eastern Maine.

969. Clocks and watches tick louder before mild weather.
Scilly Cove, N.F.

970. Cobwebs on the grass are a sign of fair weather.
General in the United States.

971. If every dish is cleaned at a given meal, then look for fair weather
the following day.
Pennsylvania Germans.

972. Fog lying in valleys is a sign of a civil day.
Bay Roberts, N.F.

973. If hoar frost remains after sunrise, the day will be fine; if not,
the day will be wet.
Scilly Cove, N.F.

974. A load of hay passing means fair weather.

975. Rainbow in the morning,
Sailors take warning;
Rainbow at night,
Sailor's delight.
General in Canada and the United States.

976. A rainbow is a sign of showers.
Prince Edward Island.

977. Rain falling while the sun is shining indicates more showers.
Prince Edward Island and Northern Ohio.

978. Rain falling while the sun shines is a sign it will rain next day.
Methuen, Mass.

979. Rain falling while the sun is shining means that the devil is
beating his wife with a codfish.
General in the United States.

980. Thunder in the morning,
All the day storming;
Thunder at night
Is the sailor's delight.

981. Red at night
Sailor's delight;
Red in the morning,
Sailors take warning.
Maine and Eastern Massachusetts.

982. Evening red and morning gray
Will speed the traveler on his way.
Evening gray and morning red
Will bring the rain upon his head.
Massachusetts, New York, and Ohio.

983. Evening red and morning gray,
You'll surely have a pleasant day.
New York.

984. Red sun, hot day to-morrow.

985. High wind at dawn is a sign of a civil (calm) day.

986. Sun's hounds (a sort of halo) before the sun denote dirty weather;
after the sun, denote fine weather.
Scilly Cove, N.F.

In Prince Edward Island and the United States these halos are called
sun-dogs, and are said to be a sign of coming rain.

987. Much snow during the winter denotes good crops next year.
New Harbor, N.F.

988. If the stars are scarce, big, and dull, it portends mild weather in
winter. If large and bright, it portends frost in winter.

989. Stars twinkling are a sign of bad weather.
Labrador and New Harbor, N.F.

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