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Category: Childhood

76. Put a mark upon a paper for every bow you get, and when you have one
hundred bury the paper and wish. When the paper is decayed you will find
your wish in its place.
Cambridge and Bedford, Mass.

77. Children collect two or three hundred names of persons, asking each to
give a bow with the name. This bow is expressed after the name on a sheet
of paper on which the latter is written by this sign [Symbol: H with
slanted cross-bar]. After all are collected the paper is secretly buried
face downward, and then dug up after two or three months, when money is
sometimes found under it.
North Cambridge, Mass.

78. At Christmas or New Year's children, on first meeting, call out My
Christmas-gift, or New Year's-gift, and the one who calls first is to
receive a gift from the other.
Mansfield, O.

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