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Category: Physical Characteristics

138. A straight line in the palm of the hand is an omen of early death.

139. The letter formed by the veins on the inside of the wrist is the
initial of the name of the future husband or wife.
St. John, N.B.

140. A person with an initial in his hand will be very fortunate in
selecting a companion for life.

141. In clasping your own hand, you put uppermost either your right or
your left thumb. If the former, you are to rule; vice versa, you yield.
Brookline, Mass.

142. If the thumb sticks up in the closed fist, you are either capable or
honest, probably the latter, as thieves are said to double theirs in.
New England.

143. If you cannot make your thumb and one finger meet around your wrist,
you are a glutton.
Province of Quebec.

144. If you cannot touch the tips of your little finger and first finger
together behind the two middle fingers, on both hands, then you will not
marry the man you want to marry.
Province of Quebec.

145. Clasp your fingers, and if the right thumb lap over the left you
were born in the daytime. If the left overlap, you were born at night.

146. The number of folds on your wrist as you bend your hand shows the
number of thirties you are to live.

147. If the ends of the fingers are capable of being bent far back, it
indicates a thief.

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