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17. Take the baby first into the sunlight on Sunday. Put it into short
clothes and make all changes on that day.

18. To make a child rise in the world, carry it upstairs (or to the
attic) first.
Mifflintown, Pa.

19. The baby must go upstairs before it goes downstairs, or it will never
rise in the world.

20. To be a bright baby, it must go up before it is carried down, and it
must be bumped to the attic roof for luck.
New England.

21. A young baby was taken up a short step-ladder by its nurse before
being for the first time carried downstairs lest it should die before it
was a year old.
Holyoke, Mass.

22. A child will have a nature and disposition similar to that of the
person who first takes him out of doors.

23. The first time a baby is taken out of its room, it must be taken up,
or it will not go to heaven. If the door of the room steps down, then the
person carrying the baby must step up on a chair or book with the baby in
her arms.
North Carolina.

24. Let the baby have or touch the thing he starts after on taking the
first step, and he will always get what he wishes. If it be the moon,
then let him touch something light, on which its light shines.

25. When taking the child into your arms for the first time, make a good
wish for him; if you give him his full name and he opens his eyes and
looks at you (answers to his name), it is good luck.

26. To be a bright baby, it must fall out of the crib before it is eleven
months old.
Brookline, Mass.

27. If a baby does not fall out of bed, it will be a fool.
Eastern Massachusetts.

28. A child's tumbling out of bed is a sign he will never be a fool.

29. To drink water out of a bucket which is being carried on a child's
head stops its growth.

30. To step over a young child stops its growing.

31. About 1860 the Alabama negresses believed that if any one stepped on
their pickaninnies it would dwarf them.

32. Pass a baby through a window and it will never grow.
South Carolina.

33. Do not go for the first time into the room where the infant is
without removing the veil and gloves.

34. If the cradle cap of a baby be combed with a (fine?) tooth comb,
the child will be blind.

35. A baby should not look into a glass before it is a year old; if it
does it will die.
Deer Isle, Me.

36. Hold a baby to a looking-glass, he will die before he completes his
first year.

37. If you let a child look into a looking-glass before it is a year old,
it will cut its teeth hard.
Baltimore, Md. (negro), and Virginia.

38. It is bad luck not to weigh the baby before it is dressed. When it is
first dressed put the clothes on over the feet instead of the head for
good luck.

39. The common nurse has an objection to weighing a new-born baby.

40. Always give a baby salt before it tastes aught else. The child will
not choke, and in general it is a good thing to do.
Mansfield, O.

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