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345. Marry in Lent,
Live to repent.
New York.

346. The day after a wedding is called the bride's day, the next day the
groom's day; the condition of the weather on these days will indicate
whether their lives are to be happy or otherwise.
Salem, Mass., and Queen Anne Co., Md.

347. The wedding day is the bride's day, and the weather foretells her
married life. The following is the bridegroom's, and his married life is
shown in the same manner. The third day shows how they will live together.
New York.

348. The two days before the wedding are the bride's days. If they are
pleasant, she will have good luck, etc.
Waltham, Mass.

349. Marriage days.

Monday--a bad day.
Tuesday--you will have a good husband and will live long.
Wednesday--a grand day; you will have a good husband, and will
live happily, but will have some trouble.
Thursday--a bad day.
Friday--a bad day.
Saturday--no luck at all.
Sunday--no luck at all.
Baltimore, Md. (negro).

350. Wednesday is the luckiest day on which to be married. Saturday is
the unluckiest. Friday is also unlucky.
Bathurst, N.B.

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