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Category: Luck

569. To dream of raw meat is a sign of ill luck.

570. To dream of eating meat is a sign of sickness.

571. To see while asleep fresh meats of any kind is a warning of death.

572. To dream of blood is a sign of sickness.

573. To dream of blood is a sign that some one will scandalize you.
Baltimore, Md. (negro).

574. To dream of onions is good.

575. To dream of flowers is a sign of sickness.

576. To dream of

Fruit out of season,
Trouble without reason.
Northern Ohio.

577. To dream of cherries is evil.

578. To dream of an anchor means good luck.
St. John, N.B.

579. To dream on land of a vessel (with sails set?) is a sign of a
Labrador and Trinity Bay, N.F.

580. To dream of small beads or sewing silk is lucky.

581. What you dream the first night you are in a strange house will come
General in the United States.

582. If you dream the first night you are in a strange bed, your dream
will come true. If the dream was of a sweetheart, you will be married.
Trinity Bay and Bay Roberts, N.F.

583. To dream of losing the sole of your shoe indicates the death of a
near friend.
Cape Breton.

584. To dream of seeing any one wear worn-out shoes means the death of a
near relative.
Cape Breton.

585. To dream of a hole worn in a boot is a sign of being sick.

586. To dream of bad boots is unlucky.

587. Saturday night's dream, Sunday morning told,
Will come to pass before it's a week old.
Maine and Massachusetts.

588. Saturday night dreamt,
Sunday morning told,
Sure to come true
Before a month old.
Eastern Massachusetts.

589. Relate the dream before breakfast, and it will come true.
General in the United States.

590. If you dream the same thing three times, it will come true.

591. Dreaming of handling new-made boards is a sign of a coffin. (A
carpenter's notion.)
Heart's Content, N.F.

592. If you dream of seeing a boat drawn or sailing on land, it is a sign
of death.
Cape Breton.

593. If you dream that you see an empty coffin, you will see it filled
within a year.

594. To dream of dough in a bread pan is the sign of a coffin.
New Brunswick.

595. To dream of dough in a black pan is a sign of a corpse.
Miramichi, N.B.

596. To dream of bread is good luck.
Boston, Mass.

597. To dream of going in a carriage means you'll travel with a friend.
Cape Breton.

598. Pick up a stone in a strange place and put it under the pillow for
three nights. If you dream, it will come true.

599. To dream of being in a new house is a sign of death.
Harbor Grace, N.F.

600. Place the heel of one shoe against the instep of the other three
nights in a row, and you will dream of your future husband.
Franklin, Mass.

601. To dream that your sweetheart has the ague means that he loves you.

602. To dream you are a fool is good luck and increase of wealth.

603. Dreaming of persons being sick is a sign of being well.
Newfoundland and New Hampshire.

604. To dream of a death is a sign of life.

605. To dream of the devil is a sign of good luck.
Trinity Bay, N.F.

606. To dream you cry means you will laugh.
Boston, Mass.

607. Dreams go by contraries.
General in the United States.

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