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Category: Childhood

81. The stars are angels' eyes.
Westminster, Mass.

82. The stars are holes made in the sky, so that the light of heaven
shines through. I remember, as a child, that this idea was suggested to
me on seeing the effect of holes in the lamp shade. I think, however,
that I rather liked to suppose it true and firmly believed in the
Cambridge, Mass.

83. As a child, I constantly looked into lilies and tulips in the
expectation of finding fairies lying within them.
Mansfield, O.

84. I remember that as a child, while walking with a companion, she
cried: 'Why, a fairy lighted on my hand!' The child believed that this
had been the case.
Cambridge, Mass.

85. The children used to fearfully look in the well, and on seeing the
reflected face in the bottom, would cry out, Face in the well, pull me
down in the well, and would then run away quickly.
Bruynswick, N.Y.

86. At the age of six or seven years, a child, while going to a spring to
draw water, saw a little creature with wings fly from one star to
another, leaving behind an arc of light. She cried to her aunt: Oh,
aunt, I saw a little gold-boy! Her aunt, somewhat shocked, rebuked the
child, who insisted on the literal truth of her vision.
Mansfield, O.

87. Stick your thumb through a knothole and say:--

Old Gran'f'ther Graybeard, without tooths or tongue,
If you'll give me a little finger I'll give you a thumb.
Thumb'll go away and little finger'll come.

88. Go to the woodpile and say, Johnnie with your fingers, and Willie
with your toes, and something (suthin) will come out of the woodpile and
tear off all your clothes (close).
Gilsum, N.H.

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