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248. Take beans in the hand, go out of doors and throw them against the
window. The first man's name that you hear spoken is the name of the man
you will marry.

249. Put three raw beans in your mouth, go out of doors, stand in front
of some one's window and listen. The first man's name you hear spoken
will be either that of your future husband or of the one having the same
Salem, Mass.

250. If a piece of brush or brier sticks to the dress, name it. If it
drops, the lover is false; if it sticks, he is true.
Northern Ohio.

251. Blow seeds from the dandelion until none remain, counting each puff
as a letter of the alphabet; the letter which ends the blowing is the
initial of the name of the person the blower marries.

252. Rub your hands in sweet fern. The first one you shake hands with
afterward is your true love.
Prince Edward Island.

253. Wear a piece of fern in the toe of your shoe, and the first person
you meet you will marry.
New Hampshire.

254. Take a live-forever leaf, squeeze it to loosen the inner and outer
skin. If it makes a balloon as you blow into it, you will be married and
live a long time. If it does not, you will be an old maid.
St. John, N.B.

255. Stick a piece of live-forever up on the wall, and in whatever
direction it leans, the lover will come from that quarter.
Miramichi, N.B.

256. Take two shoots of live-forever and pin them together on the wall.
If they grow towards each other, the couple will marry; if away, they
will become estranged.
Nantucket, Mass., and Western Massachusetts.

257. Break off a piece of dodder or lovevine, twirl it round the head
three times and drop it on a bush behind you. If it grows, the lover is
true; if not, he is false.

258. Twist a mullein-stalk nearly off after naming it. If it lives, he or
she loves you; if not, not.
Newton, Mass., and Tennessee.

259. After proceeding as above, count the number of new shoots that
spring up (if any). The number shows how many children will result from
the marriage.
Greene Co., Mo.

260. Put a pea-pod with nine peas over the door. The first one who comes
under it you will marry.
New England.

261. Pluck three thistles in bloom, cut off the purple part and put the
remainder of the flower in water over night, after naming. The one that
blooms out over night you will marry.
St. John, N.B., and Northern Ohio.

262. Saturday night walk round a tall white yarrow three times, saying,--

Good evening, good evening, Mr. Yarrow.
I hope I see you well to-night,
And trust I'll see you at meetin' to-morrow.

Then pluck the head, put it inside the dress, and sleep with it. The
first person you meet with, to speak to, at church will be your husband.
Deerfield, Mass.

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