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351. Happy is the bride that the sun shines on.
Northern Ohio.

352. If it rains on the wedding, the bride will cry all her married life.
Talladega, Ala.

353. To marry in a storm betokens an unhappy life.
Peabody, Mass.

354. It is unlucky to drop the ring at the marriage ceremony.
New York.

355. A bride must step over the church sill with her right foot.
Orange Co., N.Y.

356. A double wedding is unlucky; one of the marriages will be unhappy.

357. The pair to be married should stand in line with the cracks in the
floor, and not at right angles to them.
Omaha, Neb.

358. When a couple are married and are driving off, if old shoes are
thrown after them for good luck, and one of the shoes lodges on the coach
or carriage, it is a sign that one of the party will die before the year
is out.
Waltham, Mass.

359. After the marriage ceremony is performed, the one that walks first
from the altar is the one who will die first, either bride or groom.

360. Old slippers or rice must be thrown after a bride for good luck.
General in the United States.

361. If the younger sister is married before the elder, the latter will
have to dance in a pig's trough.
Western Massachusetts.

362. Runaway matches will prove unlucky.
New York.

363. It is a sign of ill luck to take off the wedding ring.
General in the United States.

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