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Weddings And Funerals

Category: Dreams

560. To dream of marriage is a sign of a funeral.
Topsail and Carbonear, Trinity Bay, N.F.

561. If you dream of a marriage, it is the sign of a death; and if you
dream of a death, it is the sign of a marriage.

562. If you dream of a marriage, you will hear of a death next day.
Talladega, Ala.

563. If you dream of a wedding, you will hear of the death of a friend in
that month.

564. To dream of a wedding means death.
Mifflintown, Pa.

565. Dream on a piece of wedding cake. Write names on slips of paper and
pull them out. The one you pull twice is the one you will marry.

566. Sleep on a piece of wedding cake, and the one you dream about will
be your future partner in life.
New Brunswick.

567. Sleep on a piece of wedding cake, and if you have the same dream
three nights in succession, your dream will come to pass.
New York.

568. To dream of a funeral means a wedding.

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