115. Always keep your nails clean and you will be rich.

Peabody, Mass.

116. A white spot in the nail, when it comes, means a present. You get the

present when it grows to the end and is cut.

Boston, Mass.

117. White spots on the nails of the left hand denote the number of lies

one has told.

Maine and Central Illinois.

118. Count on finger-nail spots:--





Begin with the first nail spotted, and the noun falling to the last nail

thus marked gives the sign.

Deerfield, Mass.

119. Another formula:--

(First finger) a friend,

(Second finger) a foe,

(Third finger) a gift,

(Fourth finger) a beau,

(Fifth finger) a journey to go.

Mansfield, O.

An almost identical variant is found in Prince Edward Island.

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