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Walking Abroad

Category: Projects

276. Go to walk and turn back. The first man you meet you'll marry.

277. If you walk the length of seven rails of a railroad track, the first
man that speaks to you after you get off will be your future husband.
Bedford, Mass.

278. Take a looking-glass and walk backwards to the wall, and you will
see your future husband's picture.
Nashua, N.H.

279. If you walk with a gentleman (for the first time), and have on new
shoes and go over a bridge, you will marry him.
Eastern Massachusetts.

280. If a young woman walking into a strange place picks up three pebbles
and puts them under her pillow, she will marry the young man she dreams of.
Carbonear, N.F.

281. Run three times around the house, and on the third round a vision of
your husband will rise before you.

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