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Category: Miscellaneous

1464. A stratum of warm air indicates the presence of the devil.
Boston, Mass. (Irish).

1465. If, when a newly-married couple go to housekeeping, she slyly takes
her mother's dish-cloth or dish-wiper, she will never be homesick. Old
Mrs. ---- told me that she believed that was the reason she was not
homesick when they moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio.

1466. To have a sharp knife is a sign of a lazy man.
Central Maine.

1467. Passing anything through a ladder is a sign of a long passage.
Conception Bay, N.F.

1468. If a ship has a starboard list, it is a sign of a quick passage; if
a port list, it is a sign of a long passage.
Conception Bay and New Harbor, N.F.

1469. Write the date of the first snowstorm, and you'll gain a bet before
the winter is through.

1470. To ascertain a girl's age, pull a hair from her head, hang a
finger-ring from this inside a tumbler or goblet, and it will strike the
number of years.
Boston, Mass.

1471. Throw a strand of your hair in the fire; if it blazes you will live
long and happily; if not, you will die soon.

1472. If a tree falls to the right while you are looking at it, you are
going on a long trip before the end of the year, and will have some
unexpected piece of good luck.

1473. A person born on Halloween is said to be possessed of evil spirits.

1474. Place a broom across the door, and if any of your departed friends
wish to speak to you they are free to come and go at will while the broom
remains there.

1475. If a person who raises fowls is bothered with hawks, he may prevent
the trouble by throwing a handful of rocks into the fire while it is
burning brightly.

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