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Categories: PROJECTS

185. When you see a turkey-buzzard flying alone, repeat,--

Hail! Hail! Lonely, lonesome turkey-buzzard:

Hail to the East, hail to the West,

Hail to the one that I love best.

Let me know by the flap of your wing

Whether he (or she) loves me or not.

Note the manner of the bird's flight: if he flaps his wings your lover is

true; if not, the lover is false.


186. When the call of the first turtle-dove is heard, sit down and remove

the shoe and stocking from the left foot, turn the stocking inside out,

in the heel of which if a hair is found, it will be of the color of the

hair of the future husband or wife.


In Mt. Desert, Maine, and Prince Edward Island the same project is tried

on hearing the first robin.