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Categories: LUCK

612. It is unlucky to travel on Friday.

New York and Pennsylvania.

613. Never begin a piece of work on Friday; it is bad luck.

General in the United States.

614. Seafaring men will not sail on Friday.

Somewhat general in the United States.

615. If you begin a piece of work on Friday, it will be a very short or a

very long job.
/> St. John, N.B.

616. It is bad luck to cut your finger-nails on Friday.

Pigeon Cove, Mass.

617. As with the superstitious generally, Friday is a very unlucky day.

Housekeepers will prefer paying a quarter's rent extra to going into a

house on that day. It is, of course, most unlucky to be married on it.

Wednesday is the day considered most favorable for the purpose.


618. If you cut your nails on Sunday, you'll do something you're ashamed

of before the week is out.


619. If business is transacted on Sunday, you will lose by it on the

coming week.

New York.

620. Pancake Day is Shrove Tuesday. If you do not eat pancakes on that

day, you will have no luck throughout the year. The hens won't lay, etc.

Chestertown, Md.

621. When the two figures that tell one's age are alike, as 22, 33, etc.,

some great change in life is to be expected.

Nashua, N.H.