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Categories: PROJECTS

187. The coming husband is determined by repeating the following words,

touching each button of the coat, vest, or dress in order:--

Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief.

Doctor, lawyer, Indian chief.


Doctor, lawyer, merchant, chief.


Doctor, lawyer, merchant, cheat.


188. With reference to the habitation to be occupied:--

Big house, little house, pig-sty, barn.

New Hampshire.

189. As to the wedding dress:--

Silk, satin, velvet, cotton, woolen.


190. In regard to the vehicle:--

Carriage, wagon, wheelbarrow, chaise.


191. The first of these button formulæ is used by boys to foretell their

profession in life. A friend remembers how in childhood his buttons were

completely worn out by the continual practice of the inquiry.

192. With reference to the acquisition of a coat:--

Bought, given, stolen.


193. Rich man, poor man, beggar, thief, doctor, lawyer, merchant,

chief. Said over by little girls on their back hair combs to find the

occupation of their future husbands.

New York.