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1419. What you do on your birthday, you will do all the year.

Salem, Mass.

1420. On cutting the finger-nails:--

Cut them on Monday, cut them for news,

Cut them on Tuesday, a pair of new shoes,

Cut them on Wednesday, cut them for health,

Cut them on Thursday, cut them for wealth,

Cut them on Friday, cut them for sorrow,

t them on Saturday, see your sweetheart to-morrow,

Cut them on Sunday, cut them for evil,

All the whole week you'll be ruled by the devil.

Baldwinsville, N.Y.

1421. If you wear a garment for the first time on Saturday, you will have

another one before it is worn out.

Bedford, Mass.

1422. Study on Sunday, forget it through the week.

Nashua, N.H.

1423. If, of your own accord, you leave home for Sunday visiting, you

will be forced to leave for two Sundays following.


1424. Get a letter on Monday, and you'll get six during that week.

New York, N.Y.

1425. If you break anything on Monday, you will break something every day

in the week.

Somerville, Mass.

1426. If you break anything Sunday, you will continue to do so every day

of the week, or as you commence Sunday, so you will go through the week.

Eastern Massachusetts.

1427. If you begin anything Saturday, it must be finished that day or it

will not get finished.

Boston, Mass.

1428. Sneeze on Monday, sneeze for a letter,

Sneeze on Tuesday, sneeze for something better,

Sneeze on Wednesday, sneeze for news,

Sneeze on Thursday, sneeze for a new pair of shoes,

Sneeze on Friday, sneeze for sorrow,

Sneeze on Saturday, see him to-morrow.

Niagara Falls, Ont.

1429. Sneeze on Monday, sneeze for danger,

Sneeze on Tuesday, kiss a stranger,

Sneeze on Wednesday, receive a letter,

Sneeze on Thursday, something better,

Sneeze on Friday, sneeze for sorrow,

Sneeze on Saturday, see your true love to-morrow.

Sneeze on Sunday, your safety seek,

Or the devil will have you the rest of the week.

Crown Point, N.Y.

1430. Sneeze before twelve and one, and you will hear news.

Brighton, Mass.

1431. Sneeze at the table, there will be one more or one less at the next



1432. Sneeze before your breakfast,

See your beau before the day is past.

Brighton, Mass.

1433. If you sneeze once, a girl is thinking of you; twice, she is

wishing for you; thrice, it is a sign of a cold.


1434. Sneeze before seven,

Sneeze before eleven.

Boston, Mass.

1435. What you sew on Sunday, you'll take out on Monday.

What you sew on Sunday, you'll rip out in heaven.


1436. Never cut your toe-nails Sunday, or you will do something to be

ashamed of before the week is out.

Granville, Mass.

1437. Cut your nails Monday morning, without speaking (?), and you will

get a present before the week is out; some have it, without thinking of

a red fox's tail, instead of without speaking.

Westport, Mass.