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Courting And Wedding Signs

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364. If your apron string becomes loosened, your true love is thinking of


New York.

365. If your apron drops off, you'll lose your beau. The same is true if

you lose your garter.

Stevens Point, Wis.

366. If you sink a bottle in water, it will weaken your love.


367. Step over the broom, and you will be a
old maid.

368. If a girl wet her apron in washing, it is a sign that she will have

a drunken husband.

Labrador, Scilly Cove, N.F., and New England.

369. To hang clothes wrong side out is an antidote for a drunken husband.


370. If a girl finds a cobweb in the door, it is a sign that her beau

calls elsewhere.

Northern Ohio.

371. To find many cobwebs in the kitchen means that there is no courting


Boston, Mass.

372. When the collar slips around and the opening comes to the ear, your

lover is thinking of you.

Salem, Mass.

373. If you button your dress up unevenly, it is a sign that your lover

is thinking of you.

Miramichi, N.B.

374. If you begin to button your dress unevenly, you will be a widow.

Central Maine.

375. If you are cross when you are young, you will be an old maid.


376. If you fall up stairs, you will have a new beau.

Winn, Me.

377. Tumble up stairs and you'll not get married within the year. (Hence

old maids were formerly said to be careful how they went up stairs.)

New England.

378. Stumbling either up or down stairs means you'll be married inside a


Cape Breton.

379. If you sit on a table, you will not be married that year.

New England, New York, and Alabama.

380. Dropping hairpins from your hair means that your beau is thinking of


General in the United States.

381. If a lady dons a gentleman's hat, it is a sign that she wants a


382. If your lips itch, it is a sign some one will kiss you.

Boston, Mass.

383. If the outside of your nose itches, some one out of town loves you,

and if the inside of your nose, then you are loved by some one in town.

Western Massachusetts.

384. If a gentleman and lady are riding and are tipped out, they will be


Nashua, N.H.

385. Make a rhyme when talking, and you'll see your true love before

Saturday night.


386. Should your shoestring come unloosened,

'T is a sure sign and a true,

At that very moment

Your true love thinks of you.

New York.

387. If your shoe comes untied, your sweetheart is talking about you.


388. If you want to sneeze and can't, it is a sign some one loves you,

and doesn't dare to tell it.

Boston, Mass.

389. If you can't drink a cup of tea, you must be love-sick.


390. Stub your toe

See your beau.

Massachusetts and Maine.

391. If four persons cross hands in shaking hands on taking leave, one

will marry before the year is out.

Prince Edward Island, Eastern Massachusetts, and New York.

392. If hands are crossed at the table while passing a dish, a wedding

will follow. The top hand belongs to the person who will be married.


393. To have two teaspoons in a saucer signifies marriage in a year.

394. If a gentleman stayed to dinner and by accident got two knives, two

forks, or two spoons, at his plate, he would be married within a year,

and there was no help for it.


395. Knock over your chair on rising from the table, and you won't get

married that year.

Peabody, Mass., New York, and Talladega, Ala.

396. If a girl sew a button on the clothing of a marriageable man, she

will marry him within the year.

New England.

397. If you have a dress with rings for a figure in it, it is a sign you

will be married before it is worn out.

New York.

398. If you have hearts in a figure in a dress or in a shawl, you will be

married before it is worn out.

New York.

399. If you have a new dress and there are roses in it, the person who

owns the dress will be married before the dress is worn out.

Salem, Mass.

400. Pins in the front of a dress waist are a sign that the wearer will

be an old maid.

New Hampshire.

401. If, in making a dress, the thread kinks badly, the person for whom

it is made will either die or get married before the dress is worn out.


402. If you have a dress tried on, and any pin catches in the

underclothing, every pin means that it is a year before you will be

married; hence dressmakers are especially careful to pin the dress in

such a way that it will slip off easily.

Boston, Mass.

403. If you have good success in building a fire, you will have a smart

husband; if bad success, a lazy husband.

St. John, N.B., and Ohio.

404. If a lock of hair over the forehead (widow's lock) be cut before

marriage, the girl will be a widow.


405. Get a lady friend to knit you a yellow garter. She must ask a

gentleman unknown to you to knit ten rows. You will meet and marry the

gentleman within a year.

406. The exchange of one yellow garter means a proposal in six months.

Washington, D.C.

407. If a girl wears a yellow garter (which has been given to her) every

day for a year, or every day and night for six months, at the end of that

time she will be married.

Montreal, P.Q.

408. If you burn a lover's letter, he will never marry you.

Central Maine.

409. If, at a dinner, a single person is inadvertently placed between two

married people (husband or wife), it means marriage for him or her within

a year.

410. If you pass between two men on the street, you'll marry both of them


Champaign, Ill.

411. If you drop a knitting-needle, you won't be married during the

present year.

412. If you break many needles in a garment, it will be worn at a


413. If you draw blood from a prick of the needle while making a garment,

it is a sign you will be kissed the first time you wear it.

Boston, Mass.

414. Should needles break while sewing on a new garment, it is a sign

that the owner will be married before it is worn out.

New York.

415. When a young man goes to see a girl for the first time, and the

signs of the zodiac are in the heart, they will one day marry.

Harmony, Me.

416. If you step on a cigar stub, you will marry the first man you meet.

Salem, Mass.

417. Two spoons in a cup is the sign of a wedding.

Bathurst, N.B., and Wisconsin.

418. If you get two spoons in your cup or saucer, you'll marry a second

husband or wife.

419. If a couple out walking together stumble, it is a sign that they

will be married.


420. Sit on the table,

Married before you're able.

Mattawamkeag, Me.

421. If a girl gets the last piece of bread on a plate at the table, she

will have a handsome husband.


422. If all of three dishes at the table are eaten, all of the unmarried

people at the table will be married within the year.

Northern Massachusetts.

423. If the tea-kettle boils, you will boil your beaux away, is an old


Salem, Mass.

424. If you have a cup of tea handed to you, and there are little bits

floating on top, they represent the number of husbands you will

have--one, two, or three.

425. A girl that takes her thimble to the table will be an old maid.

Northern Ohio.

426. Three in a row,

Meet your beau.

The one in the middle will have him.


427. Three lamps in a row, the one who sets down the third will be soon



428. Three lamps in a row foretell a wedding in the family.

New York.

429. To look into a tumbler when you are drinking is a sign that you will

be an old maid. If you look over the side, you are a flirt.


430. To wash the hands under a pump denotes that you will be a widow.

Chestertown, Md.