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Categories: PROJECTS

175. Go upstairs backward, into a chamber backward, and into bed

backward. Drink some salt and water, and if you dream of some one

bringing you drink it will be your future husband.

Maine and Salem, Mass.

176. The first time two girls sleep together let them tie two of their

big toes together with woollen yarn, and the one with the shortest piece

of broken string left attached in the morning wil
be married first.

Northern Ohio.

177. If two girls on sleeping together for the first time tie their

waists together with string or thread, and the thread gets broken in the

night, the first man who puts his arm round the waist of either will

have the first name of the man whom that girl will marry, whether that

man is the one or not.

Province of Quebec.

178. After getting ready for bed in silence, take a ball of string and

wind about the wrist, repeating,--

I wind, I wind,

This night to find,

Who my true love's to be;

The color of his eyes,

The color of his hair,

And the night he'll be married to me.

Chestertown, Md.

179. Name the bed-posts for four different men. The one you dream about

you will marry.


180. The first time you sleep in a room name the corners each with a

different (man's) name. The first corner you face on waking indicates

whom you will marry. (New England.) The same thing is done with the

bed-posts in Ohio.

181. Put four names of boys on four slips of paper and take one blank

slip. Intermingle them, and then without looking at them put one under

each leg of the bed and one under the pillow. The name of the last will

be that of your future husband.

Franklin, Mass.

182. Rub the four bed-posts with a lemon and carry the lemon in the

pocket the next day, and the first man you speak to you will marry.

New Hampshire.