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Attire Of The Bride


332. If you try on your wedding dress before the ceremony, you will not

be happy.

Cambridge, Mass.

333. The bride should wear a borrowed garter, and also a yellow garter.

Boston, Mass.

334. If a bride wear a yellow garter tied on by a girl friend, the latter

will be married inside the year.

Eastern Massachusetts.

335. The
ride should wear

Something old,

Something new,

Something borrowed,

And something blue.

Very common.

336. Wear no black at a wedding; it foretells ill luck.


337. To be married in a brown dress is good luck; black is bad.

Bathurst, N.B.

338. To be married in anything but white garments indicates bad luck for

the bride, white being emblematical of innocence.

They say that white is a heavenly hue.

Another has added,

It may be so, but the sky is blue.


339. White is emblematical of holiness and truth. Blue is emblematical of

peace and security; bright green of true learning, as being the uniform

clothing of nature.

Maine and Massachusetts.

340. A bride must not look in the glass after her toilet is complete,

i.e., she must add a glove or some article after leaving the mirror.

Maine and Massachusetts.

341. It is bad luck for a bride to keep any of the pins that she used

when she was married.


342. You will be unhappy if you lose your wedding ring.

General in the United States.

343. If the bride just before leaving the house throws her bouquet over

the banisters, the one who catches it is next to be wedded.

Philadelphia, Pa.

344. If a drop of blood gets on a garment in making, it will be one of

your wedding garments.