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Categories: DREAMS

524. To dream of a baby is a sign of death.

525. To dream of babies is unlucky or is a sign of trouble.

General in the United States.

526. To dream of carrying a child is unlucky.

527. It is bad luck or death to dream of naked clinging (climbing?)


Labrador and Newfoundland.

528. It is ill luck to dream of a priest.
br /> Central Maine.

529. If you dream of a negro, you will surely quarrel.

530. If you dream of being kissed by or being very intimate with a woman

friend, it means a disagreement.

531. If you dream of a person of the opposite sex three nights in

succession, you are sure to marry him.


532. If you dream of a gentleman, you will never marry him.

Bedford, Mass.

533. If you dream of a person as going two ways at once, it is a sign the

person dreamed of will die before the year is out.

Boston, Mass.

534. To dream of a naked man is a sign of the death of a woman, and vice


Baltimore, Md. (negro).

535. To dream of a drunken husband or man is unlucky.


536. To dream of men is lucky.


537. To dream of women is unlucky.

Bay Roberts, N.F.