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124. Coarse hair indicates good nature; fine hair quick temper.

Northern Ohio.

125. Red hair indicates a spit-fire.

Massachusetts and Chestertown, Md.

126. Beware of that man,

Be he friend or brother,

Whose hair is one color

And moustache another.

Portland, Me.

127. The color of the hair
growing on the neck indicates the color of the

hair of one's future husband.

128. A single white hair means genius; it must not be pulled out.

129. If you pull out a white hair, two will come in its place.

Somewhat general in the United States.

130. Hair growing upon the upper lip of a woman means riches.

Boston, Mass.

131. The point formed by the hair growing on the forehead is called A

widow's peak.

Eastern Massachusetts.

132. When a woman's hair parts where it should not, it is a sure sign she

will be a widow.

Springfield, Mass.

133. Draw a single hair from the head strongly between the thumb and

finger-nail. If it curls up, you are proud.

St. John, N.B., and Prince Edward Island.

The same result indicates that you are cross.

Cape Breton.

134. Hairy arms mean wealth.

Northern Ohio.

135. Hairy arms mean strength.

General in the United States.

136. Scrape the finger-nail and the thumb-nail along a hair, and if, by

the third time, it curls up, the owner is high-tempered.

Boston, Mass.

137. Put some of your hair in the fire. If it burns slowly you will have

a long life. If quickly, a short one.

Chestertown, Md.