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Categories: PROJECTS

263. Suspend a ring by a hair from the finger. Let it swing over a

tumbler. The number of strokes against the side of the tumbler indicates

the number of years of age of the future husband.

Prince Edward Island.

264. Hang a gold ring over a glass of water, from a hair, saying the name

of some man. If the ring strikes the side of the glass three times you

will marry him.

limantic, Conn.

265. Put three saucers on the table, and walk round it blindfolded three

times, then put a finger in a saucer. One saucer contains a gold ring,

one soapsuds, one is empty. Repeat twice (making nine in all). If one

touches the ring, she will marry an unmarried man; if the suds, she will

marry a widower; if the empty one, she will be an old maid. The one

touched two out of three times is the fate.

Central Maine.

266. If a piece of wedding-cake is passed through a ring and put in the

left stocking, then placed under the pillow and slept on three nights

running, you will dream of your lover, or he or she will come to you.

New England.