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Categories: WEATHER

990. When the moon is on the back, it denotes weather wet or mild; when

on the end, it denotes frost.


991. Should the new moon lie on its back, it is a sign it will be dry

that month, for the moon would hold water. The Indian says the hunter can

hang his powder-horn upon it. But should the new moon stand vertically,

it will be a wet month, for the moon will not hold water, and the<
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powder-horn will slip off. Very many, however, reverse these signs.

New England, New York, and Ohio.

992. The Indians told the first settlers that if the moon lay well on her

back, so that a powder-horn could be hung on the end, the weather during

that moon will be dry.

Nova Scotia.

993. The moon changing in the west denotes that fine weather will prevail

during that moon.

Bay Roberts, N.F.

994. If the moon changes near midnight there will be fine weather. The

nearer to midnight, the finer the weather.

Conception Bay, N.F.

995. A disk or ring around the moon indicates bad weather (rain or snow).


996. A circle round the moon means rain. In some localities the number of

stars inside the circle denotes the number of days until it will rain.

Prince Edward Island; general in the United States.

997. Where there is a ring around the moon, whichever way the ring opens;

the wind will blow in. If it does not open there will be fine weather.

The bigger the ring the nearer the bad weather.

Trinity Bay, N.F.

998. If the new moon is of light color, there will be a frost; if it is

red, it will be mild for a month.

Bay Roberts, N.F.

999. The weather of the new moon governs the month's weather.


1000. The weather of the new moon governs the first quarter and after

that remains the same; therefore it governs the first half.

Conception Bay, N.F.

1001. The moon being red near midnight, with blunted corners or horns,

portends mild weather that month. If the corners are white and sharp,

there will be frosty weather.

Conception Bay, N.F.

1002. If there is a star before the moon, the weather will be calm; if

the star is behind the moon, the weather will be stormy.

New Harbor, N.F.