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Categories: BABYHOOD

10. An open hand in a baby is a sign of a generous disposition, but a

habit of closing the fingers indicates avarice, or, as we say,


Cambridge, Mass.

11. If a child favors its father, it is good luck for it. It will get

on well in the world.

Salem, Mass.

12. A baby that has two crowns will live in two continents or kingdoms.


13. A double crown on the head means that the owner will break bread in

two kingdoms.

Northern Ohio.

14. Two crowns will never be satisfied. This is a sign of a very

changeable disposition.

Chestertown, Md.

15. A baby born with a veil over its face has good luck.


16. A child born with a veil over its face will never be drowned. Many

sailors are known to wear the caul, with which they were born, about the

person as a charm against death by drowning.

Sailor's superstition.