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Categories: WEATHER

1003. A load of barrels foretells wet weather.

Eastern Massachusetts.

1004. When the Brothers (Catholic theological students) turn out in a

procession it will rain soon.

Baltimore, Md.

1005. When a great many women are seen on the street, it will rain next


Bedford, Mass.

1006. When you blow out the candle, if the fire
on the wick burns bright,

it means a fair day on the morrow; if it dies down on being blown out, it

indicates a rainy day.

Plymouth, O.

1007. When long cirrus clouds or cow's tails are seen, it means rain.

Lewisburg, Pa.

1008. Cobwebs on the grass for three mornings running are a sign of wet.

1009. If there is no dew on the grass at night, it will rain the next day.

General in the United States.

1010. Conjurers can stop rain by throwing up clods of dirt.


1011. Fog on the hill

Brings water to the mill.

Fog on the moor

Brings the sun to the door.

New York.

1012. A fog from the hills

Brings water to the mills.

A fog from the sea

Drives all the rain away.

Prince Edward Island.

1013. Fog on the hill

Brings water to the mill.

Fog in the vale,

Catch all the water in a pail.


1014. Three foggy mornings and then a rain.


1015. It will rain within twenty-four hours of a hoar frost.

Deerfield, Mass.

1016. When the glass sweats, it is the sign of rainy weather.


1017. If the ground is black, it means rain.

Peabody, Mass.

1018. To wear your husband's hat is a sign of rain.


1019. Talking of horses is a sign of rain.


1020. Mackerel sky

Five miles high

Lets the earth

Go three days dry.

Miller's River, Mass.

1021. Mackerel sky,

Rain by and by.


1022. A mackerel sky is a sign of a storm.

Prince Edward Island.

1023. Mackerel sky,

Rain is nigh.


Mackerel sky,

Rain to-morrow.

Brookline, Mass.

1024. Mackerel sky

Three days high

Never leaves the earth

Three days dry.


1025. Mackerel's back and the mare's tails

Make lofty ships carry low sails.

Newburyport, Mass.

1026. Mackerel sky, horse's tail,

Make the sailor draw his sail.

Brookline, Mass.

1027. Mackerel sky,

Wind blow high.


1028. Mackerel sky,

Twenty-four hours dry.

Salem, Mass.

1029. Open and shet,

Sign of wet.

Maine and Massachusetts.

1030. Open and shet,

Sign of more wet.


1031. Open and shet,

Kind o' wet.


1032. If raindrops linger on the pane,

There will be further rain.

1033. Raindrops falling on a river, etc., and raising large bubbles, mean

a heavy fall of rain and a flood.

1034. If you can see the reflection of the building, etc., in puddles in

the street, it will rain inside of twelve hours.

Salem, Mass.

1035. When the rain dries up quickly from puddles, it will rain again soon.

Mattawamkeag, Me.

1036. The rope becoming slack denotes that rain is coming.

Placentia Bay, N.F.

1037. Sparks on the bottom of the tea-kettle mean rain.

Patten, Me.

1038. The sun drawing water means rain.

General in the United States.

1039. When the sun sets in a bank of clouds, there will soon be rain.


1040. It is believed that a rain may be stopped by putting one umbrella

or more out in the rain. The longer left the better.

New Orleans, La. (negro).

1041. Water boiling over out of a kettle is a sign of rain.


1042. Water boiling away quickly from the kettle is a sign of rain.

Newfoundland; general in the United States.

1043. The same, however, is also said to be a sign of mild weather.

Bay Roberts, N.F.

1044. To eat or sing in the water-closet betokens rain the next day.

Eastern Massachusetts.

1045. Water low in wells is a sign of rain.

Placentia Bay, N.F.

1046. Whistle to bring rain.


1047. When you hear a distant locomotive whistle, it is a sign of rain.


1048. Comes the rain before the wind,

Then your topsail you must mind.

Comes the wind before the rain,

Haul your topsails up again.

Cape Cod, Mass.

1049. In northerly squalls:--

If the rain comes before the wind,

'T is time your topsail to take in;

If the wind before the rain,

You may hoist your topsail up again.