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Categories: PROJECTS

225. Take an egg to your window; break it over a knife; remember the day

and date. Wish that your true love would come to you. If you go too high,

he will be killed.

Nashua, N.H.

226. Put two eggs in front of the open fire on a very windy day, and soon

two men will come in with a coffin. The man at the foot will be your

future husband.

Chestertown, Md. (negro).

227. One or more girls put eggs to roast before an open fire, seating

themselves in chairs before it. Each puts one egg to roast, and when her

egg begins to sweat (it will sweat blood), she is to rise and turn it. At

this time the one whom that projector is to marry will come in through a

door or window (all of which must be left open throughout) and take her

vacant chair. If she is to die before she marries, two black dogs will

enter, bearing a coffin, which they will deposit on her chair.

Quaker Neck, Kent Co., Md.

228. Boil an egg hard, take out the yolk, and fill its place with salt.

Eat it before going to bed. The one you dream of as bringing you water is

your future husband.

Mansfield, O.

To be done by two girls in silence, going backward as they retire.