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Categories: CURES

836. Rub the hands with the first snow that falls and you'll not have

sore hands all winter.

Winn, Me.

837. On Ash Wednesday before sunrise dip a pail of water in a running

brook (up stream), bottle it, and keep as a cure for anything.


838. Catch the last snow of the season (e.g., in April), melt and put

into a bottle. It will cure sore eyes.

/> Chestertown, Md.

839. Water made from snow that falls in the month of May will cure sore


Prince Edward Island.

840. Rain-water caught the first of June will cure freckles. It will not



841. An Indian doctor used for inflammation of the eyes rain-water caught

on the third, fourth, and fifth of June. It is said that this will not


New Hampshire.

842. The first water that falls in June is supposed to cure all skin

diseases; and I am informed it is dretful good for the insides, too.

Westford, Mass.

843. Water in which a blacksmith has cooled his iron is a cure for


Malden, Mass.