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Categories: CHILDHOOD

45. First a daughter, then a son,

The world is well begun.

First a son, then a daughter,

Trouble follows after.

Maine and Massachusetts.

46. First a son, then a daughter,

You've begun just as you oughter.

Brookline, Mass.

47. Rock a cradle empty,

Babies will be plenty.

body, Mass.

48. Rock the cradle empty,

Have children a plenty,

Rock the chair empty,

Have sickness a plenty.

Nashua, N.H.

49. To rock the cradle when the baby is not in it will kill it.

New York.

50. If the empty cradle be rocked, the baby will have the colic.

New York and Ohio.

51. The first time a baby is taken visiting, if it is laid on a married

couple's bed there will be a baby for that couple.

Salem, Mass.

52. The mother who gives away all the clothes of her dead baby will

eventually be comforted by the coming of another child.

53. However many children a woman may have, the last will be of the same

gender as the first, and they will look alike.

Maine and Massachusetts.

54. One article of an unborn infant's wardrobe must be left unmade or

unbought or the child is liable not to live.

Salem, Mass.

55. A baby's nails must not be cut with scissors before it is a year old;

it will make it steal.

North Carolina.

56. To cut a baby's finger-nails deforms it; if the baby is a month old,

to do this will cause the child to have fits.


57. To allow a child to look into a mirror before it is a month old will

cause it trouble in teething.


58. Tickling a baby causes stuttering.


59. If an infant be measured, it will die before its growing time is over.