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290. On accidentally making two lines rhyme, kiss your hand, and you will

be so fortunate as to see your lover before nine that night.


291. Put a looking-glass under the pillow, and you will dream of your


Green Harbor, N.F.

292. Tie a true lover's knot (of shavings) and place it under the pillow.

You will dream of your lover, even if at that t
me he is unknown to you.


293. Steal a salt herring from a grocery store, eat it, don't speak after

eating, and the first man you dream of will marry you.

294. Make a little ladder of sticks, place it under the head at night,

and you'll dream of your future husband.

Patten, Me.

295. Swallow a chicken's heart whole, and the first man you kiss

afterwards will be your future husband.

Winn, Me.

296. Take three grains of coffee, put one notch on one, two on another,

put them in a glass of water under your bed, and name them. The one that

sprouts is the one you are going to marry.


297. Light a match, and the way the flame goes shows where your future

husband lives.

Bedford, Mass.

298. Stand two matches on a hot stove, sulphur end down, and name them

for yourself and a marriageable acquaintance of the opposite sex. If both

stand or fall together, it is a sign that you will live and die together.

If one fall, it is a sign that one will leave the other.

Cape Breton.

299. Go out in spring and turn up a brick on the ground, and look under

it at the clay. The color of the clay denotes the color of the hair of

your future husband.

Chestertown, Md.

300. Cut your finger-nails nine Sundays in succession, and your

sweetheart will dine with you.


301. Throw a ball of yarn into an unoccupied house, and holding the end

of the yarn, wind, saying, I wind and who holds? The one who is to be

your future wife or husband will be seen in the house.


302. Take a hair from your head. Have some one else take one from his,

cross them, and rub them over each other, and the last thing you say

before one breaks will be the first thing said after you are married.

Cambridge, Mass.