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Categories: PROJECTS

267. If you look at a bright star intently before retiring, you will

dream of your sweetheart.


268. Count nine stars for nine successive nights. (If a rainy or cloudy

night intervene, the charm is broken, and the project must be begun

again.) The person you dream of on the ninth night will be your future

partner in life.

Prince Edward Island.

r /> 269. Count nine stars for nine consecutive nights, and the person you

dream of the last night is your intended.

Prince Edward Island and Alabama.

270. Count nine stars for nine nights in succession, and the first young

gentleman with whom you shake hands is to be your future husband.

Eastern Massachusetts.

271. For three successive nights look out of the window and name three

stars. Walk to bed backward and without speaking. The one you dream of

two nights out of three will be your husband.

Central Maine.

272. Have some one call a star which you have picked out, by the name of

a young man. The next time you meet this man, if his face is toward you,

he loves you; if his side, he likes you; if his back, he hates you.

Province of Quebec and Bedford, Mass.