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Wind And Storm

Categories: MOON

1050. A broom falling across the doorway, or chairs set crosswise, is the

sign of a storm.

Stratham, N.H.

1051. If a cloud and wind are coming, the wind will last.

Trinity Bay, N.F.

1052. If a cloud looks as if it had been picked by a hen,

Get ready to reef your topsails then.

Mansfield, O.

1053. Clothes hanging abou
the rigging will bring wind.


1054. Blue blazes in a coal fire mean a storm.

Eastern Massachusetts.

1055. When wood on the fire makes a peculiar hissing noise, it is said

to tread snow, and there will soon be a storm.

Salem, Mass.

1056. If the stove-lids get red-hot when the fire is first made, it is a

sure sign of a storm of some kind.

Cambridge, Mass.

1057. If the vessel is becalmed, throw a halfpenny overboard to buy wind.

Harbor Grace, N.F.

1058. If the halyard lies against the mast, the wind will increase.


1059. Sticking a knife in the mainmast produces wind.

Conception Bay, N.F.

1060. Table-knives turning blue denote that a northeast wind is coming.

Placentia Bay, N.F.

1061. Strange lights at sea are seen before a northeast gale.


1062. To see Northern Lights denotes that south wind and a storm will

come inside of forty-eight hours.


1063. If the fall line storm clears off warm, it signifies that storms

through that fall and winter will clear away with mild weather, i.e.,

the way in which the storm closes at the autumnal equinox will rule the

weather following storms until the vernal equinox storm. Then the same

saying applies to the line-storm of March, and the spring and summer

after storms is foretold.

The contrary would happen if cool weather followed the line storm.

Weathersfield, Vt.

1064. In the fall, if the sky is red in the west at sunset, a gale is

coming from the northeast.


1065. If a sky turn gray, the wind will be north.


1066. First rise after low

Foretells stronger blow.

1067. Sailors putting the end of the sheet overboard will bring wind.

Hitting it three times across the thwart stops the wind.

Topsail Bay, N.F.

1068. The day of the month of the first snowstorm indicates the number of

storms in the year.

Eastern Massachusetts.

1069. If the stars are remarkably clear and bright, it is likely there

will be a storm the next day.

1070. Stars in a circle around the moon foretell a storm in the same

number of days as there are stars.

Maine, Massachusetts, and New York.

1071. Stars shooting about portend wind.

Heart's Delight, N.F.

1072. A shooting star shows that wind is coming from the direction toward

which it goes.

Conception Bay, New Harbor, N.F.

1073. If stars are in thick patches before twelve at night, it is a sign

that wind will come next day from that quarter.

Hearts Delight, Trinity Bay, N.F.

1074. For the sun to rise and go into a cloud means a storm.


1075. If the sun sets in a bank, the wind will be in the western bank.

Bay Roberts, N.F.

1076. If the bottom of the tea-kettle is white when taken from the stove,

it indicates a snowstorm.

Peabody, Mass.

1077. The sun getting up water denotes wind and dirty weather.

Scilly Cove, N.F.

1078. Whistle for a breeze.

Universal among sailors.

1079. Whistling of wind in blocks aloft is a sign of a heavy storm.

Conception Bay, N.F.