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Categories: PROJECTS

273. After drinking tea, turn the cup upside down, whirl it round three

times, set it down in the saucer, whirl again, take it up, turn right

side up, and look at the grounds. If all are settled in the bottom of the

cup, you will be married right off. If they stay on the side, the number

of grounds will be the number of years before marriage. The fine dust in

the bottom means trouble, a wish, a letter, or a journey.

Somewhat general in the United States.

274. Take a beau (a little stem) from the tea and put it in your shoe.

The first man you meet you will marry.

St. John, N.B.

275. Sticks of tea in the teacup denote beaux. Name them, and bite them,

and the hardest loves you best.