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Categories: PROJECTS

282. Float two cambric needles on water and name them. If they float

together, they'll marry. If they float apart, they won't marry.

Petit Codiac, N.B.

283. Girls prepare basins of dirty and of clean water. If a blindfolded

girl puts a stick, with which she reaches about, into the dirty water,

she will marry a widower. If into clean water, she will marry a young man.


284. Place three basins on the floor, one containing dirty water, another

clear water, and the third empty. Let the (blindfolded?) person crawl up

to them on her hands and knees. The one she touches will foretell her

fate. The clear water means she is to marry a rich man, the dirty water,

a poor man, and the empty basin no man at all.

285. Make ready a mirror, a lamp, a basin of water, a towel and soap. Go

to bed backward, not speaking afterwards, and lie awake till midnight. If

your sweetheart comes and washes, combs his hair, and looks at you,

you'll be married. If you don't see him, you'll see your coffin. (Both



286. When a pot is boiling over, put a small stick in one of the ears and

name it for the one you like best. If he loves you in return, the water

will cease to boil over; if not, it will continue.

Double Creek, Md.

287. Let two girls wash and wipe the dishes together, then put a dish of

water behind the door with a broom-handle in it. Two men will come in who

will be the husbands of the two projectors.

Deer Isle, Me.

288. Run molten lead into hot water; the shape of the pellets formed

shows the occupation of your future sweetheart.


289. Pour molten lead on a hearth; the shape the metal assumes in cooling

foretells the occupation of one's future husband.

General in the United States.