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Turning Back

Categories: LUCK

656. It is unlucky to turn back for anything after you have set out to go


Prince Edward Island.

657. Returning to the house for something and starting again without

sitting down is bad luck.


658. It will prove unlucky if you return for a forgotten article after

you have left the house; but if you seat yourself before leaving the

> house again, the misfortune will be averted.

New York.

659. To avert ill luck or disappointment that will come if a person comes

back to a house for something forgotten, he must sit down a minute.

General in New England.

660. To go back into the house for something after starting on a journey

is unpropitious. To have it brought out is all right.


661. If you have to go back to the house after something forgotten, you

must not sit down, but stand a moment or two, or else it is bad luck.

Cape Breton.

662. If you start anywhere and go back, it is bad luck unless you make a

cross-mark and spit in it.

Alabama and Kentucky.