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220. Put the breast-bone of a fowl over the front door, and the first one
of the opposite sex that enters is to be your future companion.

221. Hang over the door a corn-cob from which you have shelled all but
twenty grains. The first man that enters you'll marry.
Arlington, Mass.

222. Nail a horseshoe over the door, and the first one who enters is your
true love.

223. Hang a wishbone over the door. The first one who enters will be your
Somewhat general.

224. Two girls break a wishbone together. The one who gets the longest
bit will remain longest unmarried, or, as the familiar rhyme runs,--

Shortest to marry,
Longest to tarry.

If the knot (that is, the flattened portion at the junction of the two
prongs of the bone) flies away and does not stick to either prong, the
two girls are to remain unmarried. Each girl puts her bit of the wishbone
over a different door. The first man who enters either door is to marry
the girl who has placed her bit of wishbone over the door.
Prince Edward Island.

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