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211. Pull off the petals of a daisy one by one, naming a boy (or a girl
as the case may be) at each one, thus, Jenny, Fanny, Jenny, Fanny, etc.
The one named with the last petal is your sweetheart. The seeds which
remain on the back of your hand after taking them up show the number of
your children.

212. Common at the present time is the formula:--

He loves me, he loves me not.

213. To tell the fortune, take an ox-eye daisy, and pluck the petals
one by one, using the same words as have been given above for buttons.
General in the United States.

In Ohio and other Western States where the ox-eye daisy is not common,
children use instead the bloom of the despised dog-fennel.

214. Fortunes are told by pulling off leaflets of a compound leaf, such
as the locust, repeating, Rich man, poor man, etc.
Central Illinois.

215. Name a daisy, and then pull off the petals (ray-flowers) one by one,
saying yes, no, and if yes falls on the last, the person loves you,
and vice versa.

216. A formula for daisy petals:--

He loves me,
He don't;
He'll have me,
He won't;
He would if he could,
But he can't.
New Brunswick.

217. If you find a five-leaf daisy (that is, one with five ray-flowers)
and swallow it without chewing, you will in the course of the day shake
hands with your intended.

218. Another:--

Hate her,
Have her,
This year,
Next year,
New Brunswick.

219. Another:--

He loves,
She loves,
Hate her,
Have her,
This year,
Next year,
Now or never.
Cape Breton.

Girls repeat the last three lines only of the above rhyme.
Prince Edward Island.

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