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Letters Of The Alphabet

Category: Projects

241. Write names on three pieces of paper, throw them up in the air (in
the dark); feel for one, put it under the pillow, and in the morning look
at it to see the name of the man you are to marry.
Salem, Mass.

242. Put pieces of paper, each bearing one letter of the alphabet, in
water face down, and then place them under the bed. Those turned up in
the morning are the initials of your future husband.
Prince Edward Island and Northern Ohio.

243. Write the names of several men friends, each on a slip of paper. On
three successive mornings choice is made from these. If the name drawn is
always the same, it is the name of your future husband. If the lot falls
differently every morning, you will never be married.

244. Write two names (of possible lovers), cross out the common letters.
Touch the uncrossed letters, repeating in turn, Love, friendship, hate,
and the last uncrossed letter will indicate the state of the heart.
Prince Edward Island, St. John, N.B., and Northern Ohio.

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