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Domestic And Mechanical Operations

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1141. To make good bread, stir it with the sun. To make good yeast, make

it as near sunrise as possible.

Northern Ohio.

1142. If you wish to secure lightness, you must always stir cake and eggs

a certain way, that is, the way the sun goes.

Kittery, Me., Nashua, N.H., Eastern Massachusetts, and

Southern Michigan.

1143. Eggs and cake are commonly bea
en and butter made by stirring



1144. To make cake light, it must always be stirred the same way.

Dalton, Mass., and Alabama.

1145. In cooking soft custard, the stirring must be continued throughout

in the direction in which it was begun; otherwise the custard will turn

to whey.

Eastern Massachusetts.

1146. If, after turning the crank of a churn for a while with the sun,

you change and turn the other way, it will undo all the churning you have


Ferrisburgh, Vt.

1147. Ice cream will not freeze rightly unless the crank is turned the

right way.

Concord, Mass.

1148. In making lye soap, if you stir it backward it will turn back to


Warren Co., N.Y., and Alabama.

1149. In melting sugar for taffy, stir always one way, or it will grain.

Allston, Mass.

1150. In greasing the wheels of a carriage, always begin at a certain

wheel and go round in a set way.

Peabody, Mass.