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Domestic Life


1438. It is supposed that a broom placed behind the door will keep off


Bruynswick, N.Y.

1439. To burn the stub of a broom or break a sugar-bowl, means a quarrel.

Westport, Mass.

1440. A spark seen on a candle or lamp when the light is extinguished

means the receipt of a letter.

St. John, N.B., and Salem, Mass.

. Wet the finger and touch the letter on the candle. If it come off

on the finger, it means a letter for you.


1442. The letter in the candle will face the one for whom the letter is

to be. If the little snuff bud is bright, it means a letter.

Northern Ohio.

1443. If the candle is sooty, or shows a spark in the wick on blowing

out, it is a sign that a letter is on its way.

1444. If chairs become entangled (legs interlaced, etc.), it means a


Bathurst, N.B.

1445. If you choke (food gets in the windpipe), it means some one has

told lies about you.

Cape Breton.

1446. It is a sign of good old-fashioned economy to use up a dish-cloth

until it can be put into your mouth.


1447. If a door opens of itself, it is supposed to indicate the presence

of a spirit, usually one of the family.


1448. It is unlucky to name a child after a dead child of the family.


1449. If you begin keeping house with many in the family, it is a sign

that you will always have a large family or houseful.


1450. If a wood fire snaps and sparkles, each time it does indicates the

receipt of a letter.

Peabody, Mass.

1451. One of the negro superstitions was that when the fire burned with a

blue flame, it was the devil seeking to speak to them. A handful of salt

would make him go away.


1452. Sweep the floor after dark, you'll see sickness before morning.

1453. If while eating you drop food on the floor, it is a sign that some

one is telling lies about you.

Cape Breton.

1454. Food dropped on the floor by one signifies that some one grudges

you it.

Common in the United States.

1455. Do not change your place at table; it is very unlucky.

New York, N.Y.

1456. If you keep changing your furniture to different places, you'll be



1457. Not drinking the whole contents of a glass or cup means


Westport, Mass.

1458. If sooty bubbles form and blacken on the wick in a lamp burning

whale oil, each bubble indicates the receipt of a letter.

Peabody, Mass.

1459. When sparks are seen on the bottom of the tea-kettle, it is a sign

that folks are going home from meeting.

New Hampshire and Boxford, Mass.

1460. Sparks flying from a fire mean letters; the number of the sparks is

the number of the letters.

Boston, Mass.

1461. If a spark or sparks jump out of the fire and hit you or come

towards you, it is a sign some one has a spite or grudge against you.

Bathurst, N.B.

1462. Two spoons given to one person denotes that that person will have

two homes before the year is out.

Chestertown, Md.

1463. The tea-kettle suddenly singing means news.

Patten, Me.